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Build and share your collection-it's FREE.

Putting your collection together probably wasn't easy. But showing it off is. It's time take that collection out and share it with the world!

The stook•it 100•it's your FREE collection space : When you sign up you get a personal collection space that allows you to post 100 images showcasing the best of your collection! (You can purchase more space if you need it.) Viewers can rate you, pushing you to the top of the leader board.

Noh!: You're not on Pinterest. These are pieces and collections that you OWN.

Buy and sell collectibles. Safely.

As long as you have a PayPal account you can buy and sell collectibles on stook•it. And it's easy to get started. Just sign up. You'll get a shop and 20 free coins to start. (That's 20 FREE shop listings) All you need is a PayPal account and a collectible to sell. Your listing is good for 2 months.

It's better to sell on stook•it:
  • Secure transactions ALWAYS through PayPal.*View PayPal buyer protection.
  • NO WAITING for buyers to pay or to see if you won•these aren't auctions.
    When you buy it's ALL YOURS. When you sell it. It's PAID for.
  • Lower fees Stookit charges a flat 3% comission of your sale + shipping.

Want to buy a collectible? Search "shops" to find all the collectibles for sale.

Stook•it coins:
Coins are used to list items for sale in your shop. 1 coin = 1 listing.
Buy coins .25 cents each
Stook•it also uses coins to reward collectors.

*Every transaction on stook•it is completed through PayPal checkout and is guaranteed by PayPal Protection
as long as it's shipped to a confirmed address with tracking.

Meet other collectors

It's all the fun of a collectibles show without having to lug all your stuff around or travel to get there! Rate peoples collections, buy, sell trade and connect to some of the greatest collectors in the world.

Following Favorites: Follow or be followed. Keep an eye on all of your favorite collectors. Be notified on their most recent acquisition. Or post a message to all of your followers at once!

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